Divorce Is Not The Only Option

Author: +Freddie Cook

Nobody enters into marriage wanting it to fail and is one of the many reasons that some couples don’t want the option of divorce when their relationship breaks down, they believe that divorce means failure.

There are some new and interesting statistics that show when divorce is not considered, couples can fix their relationship problems instead of divorce and end up with a much stronger marriage.

A survey of couples who had at one time considered divorce but then decided to try other methods, reported that 80 percent claimed they were still happily married years later.

Three possible reasons were cited.

First, because the couple decided to deal with their problems directly, it made them acknowledged their problems which encouraged them to find effective solutions to save their relationship and their marriage.

Second, as soon as divorce is discussed between a couple, the entire dynamic of the relationship changes. This can be very positive and spur the couple to search for a better alternative, or it can be negative and drive a wedge between the couple.

Third, it’s also possible for, at least one of, the couple to view divorce as a way of avoiding the real problems, and seeing divorce as a quick and easy solution. An appealing alternative for some.

However, those who did not even consider a divorce may find some success because they’re forced to deal with their problems, and possibly find a constructive solution and common ground.

Although this can be hard work and is not as easy as a divorce appears to be in fixing problems, working together and facing issues can be much more rewarding.

If you’re having problems in your relationship and considering divorce then take some time to try and find alternative methods of dealing with your issues, ones that promote fixing the problems by open and honest communication.

If you’re both finding that difficult, then you might want to look into marriage counseling.

Marriage counseling may not be for everyone, but there’s no denying how effective they are at helping couples resolve their differences.

Don’t just write them off, use them if you need to, it has to be preferable over the pain and effort involved in divorcing your spouse.

Once the word gets out that you’re having relationship problems, you’ll most likely find advice coming from all corners. family, friends, even people you work with will all have an opinion.

The problem is that very few, if any, of them will have the training and experience required to give any real help. Well meaning as they are, you’ll be much better off seeking some professional help.

As I said, divorce can be seen as a quick fix to some people, but this is rarely the case and more often it can simply add to your problems rather than fixing them.

While you appreciate the support and advice offered by your friends, just remember that this is your marriage, not theirs.

So try and fix your relationship problems instead of divorce by removing it as an option. Work through your problems together, with or without professional help, and you’ll come out the other end with a true and stronger marriage built on love and a desire to remain together.

Communication with understanding and a willingness to compromise will benefit both of you and help you to succeed.

The Vital Step to Restoring Your Marriage

There are two crucial things you need to start doing immediately if you want to finally save your marriage and restore happiness in your life.

These two things are absolutely essential if you’re still continuously arguing and bickering with your spouse. The fighting doesn’t have to continue any longer. Take action with these simple steps right now.

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