Dealing With Jealousy To Save Your Marriage

Can Jealousy Be Helpful?

Author: +Freddie Cook

Marriage In CrisisSaving your marriage can be a difficult enough thing to accomplish at the best of times, but when feelings of jealousy get mixed in with all the confusion, what will be the end result? What is jealousy? Can it be used to help restore a broken marriage or will it always make things worse?

Jealousy can be brought on by behaviors exhibited by your spouse. They can also be brought on by your own insecurities, in which case your spouse’s behavior can trigger them. But they can also be completely unfounded.

You’re about to find out that jealousy can be a useful emotion or a destructive one and the end result relies heavily on how you manage and use your jealous feelings. You will also find out how to handle them in the most positive ways…

After you’ve discovered your spouse’s affair, do you feel hyper-vigilant for the slightest hint of betrayal?

If your spouse smiles at the wait staff in a restaurant, flirtatiously banters with your accountant, or takes a phone call from a co-worker of the opposite sex, do you feel your pulse quicken and a sense of anger — even rage — taking over?

Going through the emotional devastation of an affair, you are probably still dealing with images that continue to run through your mind of your spouse with another person. And feeling that sense of hyper-vigilance means you have another strong emotion to work through: jealousy.

In this blog, you’ll learn tips to manage those jealous feelings so they don’t overwhelm you and jeopardize your, and your spouse’s, efforts to save your marriage.

Jealousy: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Jealousy is a basic human emotion. It can rear up when you feel that a person you love may be “taken away” by someone else. It’s a response to what you feel is a threat to your relationship.

But, it can be a dangerous response — one with the potential to damage your relationship with your spouse, unless you understand why it exists and how to manage it.

Some forms of jealousy are actually good, as they do signal a threat. If you catch a woman batting her eyes at your husband, a flag goes up inside of you that says: “This person is trying to make a move on my spouse.” You love your husband and want to protect your relationship, so it’s not a bad thing that you feel the desire to protect it.

When you experience this type of jealousy, there are a number of ways you might respond to it. In the best cases, people reveal their jealous feelings to their spouse in a light, non-threatening way that shows they care. “Honey, I’m going to have to defend your honor, the way he was looking at you…” is an example, a response that expresses your jealous feelings. These show your partner you care about your relationship and you want to protect it without getting angry at your spouse for attracting someone else’s attention.

Jealousy felt and expressed in this way is what I call “good jealousy.” It is a rational, fun response to an emotional reaction you are having.

However, jealousy without cause is “bad jealousy.” This type is experienced in different ways: Either the jealous feelings you experience are more intense, blinding your ability to think clearly, you react to your emotions in a way that isn’t “light and non-threatening,” you can’t release the jealous thoughts or feelings, or some combination of these in the absence of provocation or suspicious behavior by your partner.

If in the above example, you instead react by yelling at your spouse, storming off, and then giving the silent treatment for a few days, the “ugly” reaction doesn’t fit the situation.

If your spouse has had an affair and you’re confronted with a situation in which your jealous feelings are justified, these feelings can (and usually do) cause problems in your marriage and your efforts to rebuild after the affair.

There are healthier ways you can process jealousy, before it develops into “bad jealousy.” Here are a few tips on how to better manage your response:

Physically Manage Your Jealousy Response

When you experience jealousy that feels like it’s about to bubble up and explode, first thing to do is to stop, take a deep breath, stand up or sit up straight, and get control of yourself.

You need to do this whether or not your jealousy is justified. Remember, acting out your feelings in an aggressive way will only cause more problems in your marriage.

Before the feelings become intense, you need to make a conscious choice not to act on those feelings in a mismanaged, inappropriate way.

Look Within For Why You Had a Jealous Response

When you feel jealous the tendency is to look at what the other person did to “make you” experience jealousy.

But no one “makes you” feel, think, or behave in any way. You are the one who has the jealous feelings — they were born inside of you. Redirect your attention: look inside yourself and identify how you are hurting.

As the person experiencing the jealousy it is your job to identify your hurt feelings and start up a conversation with your spouse that expresses what you are feeling.

Communicate Your Feelings to Your Spouse

If you experience bad jealousy, instead of blowing up into a jealous rage, you need to talk about your experience of hurt feelings with your spouse. If your spouse’s behavior was questionable to you, include specific facts about this as you express your feelings and the response you had.

Your spouse is more likely to respond in a caring manner to your pain if you don’t blame or accuse your spouse of cheating or threatening to cheat, but instead give your perspective. This helps your efforts to save your marriage, as you and your spouse find ways to overcome this problem—together, as a couple.

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How To Get Your Wife To Come Back

Just Change Her Mind

Author: +Freddie Cook

How to get your wife to come back depends even more on you than it does on your wife. When any marriage gets into difficulties to the extent of a spouse leaving, it can be devastating to both partners.

Neither of them have any confidence in their future, either together or apart. Confusion is typical at this time and thoughts keep going round in circles without getting anywhere.

So, concentrate on what you know instead of the unknown and you’ll be able to see things a little clearer.

You’re ability to get to the bottom of the problems that caused your wife to leave is paramount to being successful in getting her back.

Honesty is going to play a major part in this as you’re going to have to discover and admit to whatever part you played in your breakup. Even if infidelity was involved.

You won’t be able to work on your relationship until your wife comes home, so in the mean time, you should work on yourself and the problems that caused your breakup.

Having a plan is crucial, both for now and when your wife does return. For now, it’s important that you are sincere and truthful, work on changing you, there was something about you that your wife eventually could no longer tolerate.

Find out exactly what it was and take steps to fix it. This isn’t about manipulation or only paying lip service to making changes, it’s about taking stock of the person you are and what areas of your personality and behavior you need to change.

Remember you’re not just making changes to keep your wife happy, you’re making changes that need to be made for you to become a better person and a better husband.

Having given honest consideration to these things before your wife comes home will mean that you don’t just repeat the same hurtful and destructive behaviors that caused her to leave in the first place.

You don’t want to have a relationship that is turbulent where you are constantly fighting about the same things. That type of relationship isn’t good for anyone.

Now that you have honestly accepted that there are some changes you will need to make, it’s time to figure out how to get your wife to come home.

With clearer mind you can now get to work and prepare for your wife’s return. Don’t be a slob. Keep yourself and the house clean. Shower, shave, do the laundry, etc. Your wife should be able to walk back in the front door with nothing to do.

She sure isn’t going to want to come back home if she feels like she is just going to have to be the maid. No woman wants to have to be a mother to her own husband. Most woman want a friend, a partner, and a lover.

Let her see that even though you miss her, you respect her enough to keep up with the housework even when you’re on your own.

Now you’re going to need some way of convincing your wife that you still love her and there is hope for your relationship and that she should return home to allow you both to work on it.

To that end, you should first let her know that you’ve been honest with yourself and realize that there are things in your behavior that you are willing, and able, to change.

There will be no point in being vague, so spell these things out to her so that she’ll know you are a sincere, mature man who wants to be a better man and a better husband and that you are willing to work on those things.

If she has real reason to believe things can be different this time she’ll be more likely to return home and give it a try.

If you’re in the wrong, admit it and apologize. Many men get caught up in the macho idea that apologizing is a sign of weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you screw up and admit it and apologize, that is actually a sign of confidence, strength, and maturity. Admitting when you are wrong and offering a sincere apology not only lets others know that you are a mature, confidant person, it also shows that you have respect for yourself and for them.

The reality is that people who won’t apologize are actually very weak and insecure. They are too unsure of themselves to be able to admit they were wrong.

When you’re confident enough in yourself to offer a sincere apology it shows that you are a strong, confident individual…and that is sexy to any woman.

I hope these tips have given you some ideas on how to be more successful with, “how to get your wife to come back.” The point is that if you truly want your marriage to work you need to be willing to work on yourself first and then concentrate on your wife and your relationship together.

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